Let’s All Help Make a Difference!

Thank you for checking out the Laurel Montana Community Foundation website. This is the place to start making our dreams for the Laurel Community come true. Anybody and everybody can donate and create an impact. Be a part of the future Laurel will create.

You can donate one time or set up automatic withdrawals every month for as little as $10.00 a month. If 100 residents contribute $10 per month, the foundation can distribute $12,000.00 for scholarships, grants or provide funds to other worthwhile non-profit organizations in the Laurel area.

For the Future, Empowering the Laurel Community.

Montana Legal Services Association Coalition

The Laurel Montana Community Foundation is working with the Montana Legal Services Association to form a coalition of available contacts to help groups and individuals deal with disasters. One of the assets is Legal Services. For more information, please review the documents below that explain...

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LHS Hall of Fame

Laurel Montana Community Foundation and the Laurel Rotary Club have partnered with Laurel High School to bring the Hall of Fame to life for past athletes, teams and coaches and to celebrate student and faculty success on a digital trophy case. The touch screen display...

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The Laurel Montana Community Foundation has awarded over $12,500 in scholarships to residents of Laurel since 2015. In 2018 over $9,000 was committed. With more being committed in 2019. Please fill in one of the online applications before January 31, 2020. If you would like to fund a...

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