Laurel Arbor Day – May 2, 2023

Laurel has been recognized as a Tree City USA since 2001. This recognition means that the city has a
designated board appointed by the Mayor that oversees the replacement or installation of new trees
though out the city parks. Every year the city has hosted an annual Arbor Day Event in May and a tree
has been planted in a park selected by the Public Works department. Seven years ago the committee
decided to make the event more educational and invited all 4 th graders (both public and private schools)
to participate. The students meet in a park and share a lunch provided by the tree board. Following a
ceremony to celebrate National Arbor Day, the students split into small groups and rotate through
learning centers where educators from various government organizations teach them more about trees
and nature. Over the years we have planted trees in Murray Park, Thomson and Lion’s Park. The theme
each year is created by a 4 th grade student/artist. This year our Theme is Trees – Heroes for Life by
Finley Watts.The theme is posted year round on a banner on the pool fence and we make t-shirts for
the presenters to wear. The day is always exciting, fun and educational for the teachers, students and
The trees we plant are ususally 2” caliper and the cost is about $600/tree. The city funds a portion of
the event but we also look for sponsors and donors to help with the expenses. This is a wonderful way
to honor a loved one or special group. If you are interested in learning more about Arbor Day and the
Tree Board, please call, LuAnne Engh 406-698-0121 or Matt Wheeler 406-208-1885 Or you can donate here