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For the Future

Our Foundation

The Laurel Montana Community Foundation was formed to empower the community of Laurel.

More than 15 years ago, a small group of businessmen started discussing the benefits of having a non-profit dedicated to the entire community we call home; projects like a community center, scholarships for education, helping to bring cultural entertainment to our community, and building an endowment to provide income for all the volunteer organizations in Laurel. Our vision is our our only limit.

In 2015 the LAUREL MONTANA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, INCORPORATED was formed, and received a 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS to be a tax-deductible charity for the benefit of the community of Laurel, Montana.

The initial seed money was donated by the Laurel Rotary Club; a generous group wanting to help Laurel and the Laurel Community Foundation achieve their goals.

Our Purpose

We want to help Laurel to build community wealth with tax-deductible donations of money, property, and securities. We are available to support existing programs, or provide fiscal sponsorship for programs such as Laurel’s “Shakespeare in The Parks”.

We also want to provide a means for people to make a difference in Laurel, serving the needs and philanthropic goals of donors in our community. The Laurel Community Foundation is a flexible, efficient, and tax-effective way to ensure your charitable giving achieves the highest possible impact. You can set up funds in your own name or a loved one and have as little or as much control as you desire over the charities the funds are donated to.


Our Board

Our Vision is our Only Limit

Jon F. Rutt

Jon F. Rutt was born in Billings Montana to parents who both graduated from Park City, MT High School. He moved to laurel in 1972, and graduated from Laurel High School in 1975. Jon has lived and worked in Laurel all of his adult life. He and his wife Nancy purchased AQUA Systems of Montana in 1981, and raised their 3 children here. He now has 3 grandchildren who also live in Laurel with their parents

Faye Wood
Vice Chairman

Faye has been majority shareholder of Wood’s Power-Grip Co, Inc., in Laurel, since 1973. She retired from her position as CFO and office manager in 2002, and now focuses on working in a consultant capacity. She and her husband Howard have been married since 1962, and have given birth to five children, who have given them thirteen grandchildren.

David E. Bauer

Dave Bauer was born in Harvey, ND in 1951. His family moved to Laurel in 1955. His Father worked for the Laurel Outlook for many years and his Mother was a Laurel school teacher. He graduated from LHS in 1969 and his three sons are also LHS graduates. (2003, 2004 and 2008). He lived in Laurel for many years and now resides in Billings. He is a lawyer and is employed by the Bauer Law Firm.

Additional Board Members

Dean Rankin

Jean Kerr

Ken Olson

By-Laws and Documents

LMCF, Inc By-Laws

Certificate of Filing

IRS 501 (c)(3)

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