Laurel Town Square




Mission Statement

Laurel Town Square was created after Laurel’s beloved Movie Haus Theatre burned down. Through the hard work of a group called the Laurel Revitalization League, the Town Square literally rose from the ashes to become an area to enjoy in downtown Laurel.

The next phase is adding a permanent stage to the facility, stringing lights across the area and re-arranging the seating and viewing to promote arts and cultural use of the park during the summer.

The pictures are of the stage at the Red Oxx Manufacturing Events Center in Billings. They have been kind enough to let us use these pictures and steal their design to keep our costs low. We have local volunteers ready to help us assemble the stage as soon as we have raised enough funds.

Our goal is to allow the use of the park for activities that promote families walking and enjoying the downtown of Laurel all year long.



Rock the Block has been a staple of downtown Laurel for many years and many non-profits have benefited from the money raised during those Friday nights. Additional performances by music and performing groups using a permanent stage along with lighting and an inviting seating area is the goal of this fundraiser.

Please help us accomplish the goal of the stage, lighting and improved seating.